FALCONTECH was founded in August 2012, funded by Yinbang shares. The company is located in in the beautiful coast of Taihu Lake-Wuxi Hongshan town, Hongshan site, the birthplace of Wu culture.
       The company covers a land planning of 248mu and the total registered capital of 220 million yuan, the existing production plant more than 7000 square meters, existing employees 100, among those who with master degree or above account for 30%, and R & D personnel account for 35%.
       FALCONTEC is a leading provider of complete solutions on metal AM technology in China, companies with under - Special Metal Powder Division, 3D Printing Solution Division, Special Manufacturing Technology Division. Under the strategy of “win customers with technology leadership and satisfy customers’ demands ", with the aim of "continuously exceed customer expectations, improve employee happiness index, and continue to create shareholder returns and social contributions, reduce the resources use and relieve the environmental burden, we have won wide attention and respect from the market through continuous R & D and innovation.
       At present, the company owns an imported electrode induction melting gas atomized (EIGA) titanium alloy powder production line that was put into use in 2012. The whole production process is carried out under inert gas shielding. The production environment meets the dust-free and clean standards, free from being contaminated due to foreign substance. With annual production of titanium alloy powder 90 tons, currently, the company has successfully passed the CAAC airworthiness certificate and can provide titanium alloy powder in batch stability, high purity, high sphericity, and in accordance with the international aviation standards. Smelting without the crucible, blowing off the metal flow via high-speed airflow, overcoming the bonding force between liquid metal atoms to separate and atomize, then the metal spherical powder with high sphericity and purity are obtained.
       The 3D Printing Solution Division has "selective laser melting" (SLM) metal addictive manufacturing technology, mainly involving in six major business areas : 3D printing parts manufacturing, parts post treatment, machining, performance testing, 3D printing equipment sales, technical advice and services.
       The Division stays committed to the R & D production and sales of high-quality parts for the industries such as aerospace, medical apparatus, marine engineering, chemical industry and automobile, and has established the aerial materials testing center. We can provide customers with services related to one-stop factory building and technical support training. Currently, we have delivered qualified 3D printing titanium alloy parts for COMAC on a large scale, and have been a qualified supplier for metal AD parts.
       Special Manufacturing Technology Division operates two subsidiaries: Wuxi FalconTech Co., Ltd., devoted to the application of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) technology, Falcon Aerotech Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing engineering technology solutions for high-end precision casting dies.