Patent certificates

Certificate of Authorization-an Artificial Bone Structure

Invention Patent Certificate-A Method for Preparing Titanium Alloy Crafts by Selective Laser Melting Technology

Utility Model Patent Certificate-A New Type of Surgical Knife Component

Utility Model Patent Certificate- A New Type of Medical File Component

Utility Model Patent Certificate- A New Type of Tissue Forceps

Utility Model Patent Certificate- an Artificial Tooth Implant System

Utility Model Patent Certificate--Full Atmosphere Protection Packing Operation Box

Utility Model Patent Certificate- An Optimized Design of Soft Joint Structure for Rocking Screening

"Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Light Metals” was one of the contents for the renewed Memorandum of Understanding on Science and Technology Cooperation, when Chinese State Councilor Liu Yandong and Australian Prime Minister Gillard jointly attended the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Australia diplomatic relations held by the Australian Government. China 3D printing class settled in Wuxi Falcon.