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Private custom 3D printing gift business

Falcon's rapid manufacturing service can customize gifts for you personally through 3D digital models or 2D photos within a week. In our online store, you can design your own or custom-made unique gifts by our designers.

Integral molding

No machining or molds are required, and objects of any shape can be directly generated from computer graphics data and printed at one time.

Light weight

Realize parts lightweight without losing the mechanical properties.

High performance

Personalized design and overall design, reducing the parts quantity as well as assembly and welding risks, thus improving stability and reliability.

Greatly shorten the product development cycle, from design to product realization in just two weeks, which can greatly improve productivity and reduce production costs. Due to the emergence of 3D printing technology, the development cycle of aero-engines has been reduced from 30 years to 3 years.

FALCONTECH 3D Printing Devices