Hot isostatic pressing

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Led by experts at home and abroad in the HIP field, the company always stays committed to HIP R&D, and has formed a complete production and R&D platform for material design, clad design and clad production (including sleeve producing, powder filling, air pumping and leak detection), HIP process, heat treatment, testing and finished machine processing, to meet the needs of hot isostatic applications in various fields. Over years, the company’s products have been applied in many aspects such as aviation, aerospace, petroleum, marine, electric power, automobile, nuclear power and electronic products.

Technique principle
Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is to place the product in a sealed container, then apply the same static pressure to the product, and apply high temperature. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the product can be sintered and compacted or connected.

Schematic diagram of hot isostatic pressing technology:



●Manufacturer:Belgium EPSI



●Maximum temperature :1400℃

●Maximum pressure:200MPa

Main products



Bimetallic material for injection machine barrel                          Titanium alloy aircraft structures

High-end powder metallurgy target material                   Powder steel product                High speed steel composite roll            Near net shape forming double-phase stainless steel parts   

Main applications
•    Eliminate voids and defects inside the castings or 3D print parts, thus greatly increasing material density and overall performance;

                           Densification process

•    The powder is consolidated into a fully dense sintered body to prepare high- quality powder metallurgy materials;

                 Powder metallurgy material preparation

•    To make homogeneous or foreign materials diffused to a metallurgical bonding.

          Homogeneous or foreign material diffusion bonding


application area

Application area Purpose
Near net shape forming turbine disk of powder metallurgy superalloy, baffle and Ti alloy casing; superalloy turbine blade, superalloy diffuser and other superalloy components; densification of important parts of titanium aluminum alloy plate; titanium matrix composites diffusion bonding, etc.
Nuclear power
ITER (nuclear fusion reactor) strainer cooling system (tungsten / copper, beryllium alloy, 316LN, ODS steel); AP1000,CAP1400 main pump thrust disk, HSG flywheel; nuclear waste disposal; nuclear rod cladding, etc.
Oil &marine oil
Near net shape forming double-phase stainless steel parts for submarine and offshore platforms, such as flange, joint, valve body, pipeline, corrosion-resistant titanium, chromium alloy oil pipeline, three-way valve, valve body, etc.
Densification of titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, superalloys and stainless steel parts for automotive engines; high quality powder metallurgy products
Fine-grained, high-purity magnetron sputtering targets for large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing technology and high-definition large-screen flat panel displays
Metallurgical machinery
Powder high speed steel, powder tool steel; large size high wear resistance composite roll; high wear resistant parts for mining machinery; injection molding machine screw, barrel, etc.