A Case of Special-shaped Waterway Grinding tool

For thin-walled products, parts with small flow paths inside the structure, and difficult processing in the later stage, they can be printed at one time, no longer posing production and processing restrictions, and can fit the wall of the product to design a scientific along-waterway. It greatly improves the quality and efficiency of the products.

Complex parts molding can effectively reduce site, personnel and machine costs and time costs, and greatly reduce assembly risks. Not restricted by the traditional processing, it can simulate the product outline, aiming at the blind angle of the general product or the area where the heat is not easy to be discharged, the special-shaped waterway can provide a good heat dissipation efficiency, especially for complex appearance or special originals. 

Effect: use special-shaped waterway to solve the injection molding problem of unequal wall thickness, and improve the qualified rate and production efficiency of finished products.